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    fatal error [0xEE020006] getting disk info

      I am currently testing recovery methods on an XP machine and I tried Simon's EETech cd with Windows AIK.  I used the McAfee tools on there to Authorize and authenticate via token.  Then I tried Remove EE.  It just hung at Starting Decryption.


      I reboot and get fatal error [0xEE020006] getting disk info.  Is there any recovery for this?  I tried to remove EE again and it tells me EE is not installed.  I tried emergency boot, fix mbr, etc and nothing worked. If I view disk info, it tells me there is no information available for my disk.


      Being this is a vmware machine, I am able to fire up a working backup copy and retry my recovery methods.  I am able to reproduce this.


      I just want to know what you have to do to recover from this error, especially when you can remove EE no longer and other options don't seem to work.

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          Hi Jack,


          Not sure if this will help but I went looking in the KnowledgeBase and all I was able to find was a description.  I am not a product specialist  but I hope this assists in getting started looking in the right direction.


          Endpoint Encryption disk information not present.

          To locate the list of error codes in the KnowledgeBase I had to remove the 0x from the string.


          The full list of EEPC 6.0 codes can be found in the following article


          KB67358 Endpoint Encryption for PC 6.x Error Codes and Messages


          To access this article either:

               Go to the McAfee ServicePortal (http://mysupport.mcafee.com) and search for KnowledgeBase article KB67358

               Use this link: https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB67358


          NOTE: You can access the KnowledgeBase anonymously, but some articles are available only to logged in users


          Good luck


          Knowledge Analyst (Global Online Services)
          KnowledgeBase: http://mysupport.mcafee.com

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            Thanks for the link, but that doesn't tell me anything than what the error already says. I need to know what to do when I get this message and how to recover without redoing the computer and losing all the user's information.


            There is a serious lack of documentation in terms of recovery and what to do when you get errors like these.



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              Hi Jack


              I am sorry I am not able to locate additional information to assist. What I would advise is with this type of problem that you log a ticket with McAfee Technical Support. I will then monitor this thread and will look to follow up to ensure it is documented.  If you provide you SR number I can use it to work on creating an article based on the opened case.


              The errors with thus product are considerable and it would be extremly difficult to have all errors with all scenarios covered in an article or a guide.


              Sometimes there are odd issues that need a McAfee expert to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.


              I am sorry I cannot provide a solution but hope you take my advice and have this investigated and allow me to follow up and have it documented.


              All the best


              Kevin Thomas
              Knowledge Analyst (Global Online Services)
              KnowledgeBase: http://mysupport.mcafee.com

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                Kevin, you may very well also say that only WinPE v1 (BartPE) based CD is currently supported by McAfee.

                WinPE v2 or v3 references have been removed from recent (6.0.1, 6.1.0) "McAfee EETech.pdf" alltogether. You may help us to find out why.


                As a side topic, I strongly advised to have document revisions and their published dates clearly stated in documents. That is completely ignored.

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                  With respect to the WinPE v2


                  Hi Peter


                  I did some research and found out that our stance on this is as follows.


                  McAfee do not provide instruction on how to use WinPe. Customers are expected to obtain that information from Microsoft and hence why that section in the EETECH guide was removed and the pdf reposted. This section in the original guide has been a common topic for discussion.



                  With respect to Document Revisions


                  Some McAfee documents (Guides) do have revisions, but I agree not all. Even some of the Endpoint Encryption documents have revisions. I am in agreement with you that this would help and should be a standard. This has been discussed over recent months with other colleagues. I have myself provided this same concern and feedback to the respective department and will again bring this up at our next team meeting.  My role at McAfee is as a Knowledge Analyst and not Tech Pubs, but we are able to provide feedback that I hope will lead to changes in future releases.


                  I must clarify that it is very rare to have a published pdf reposted. This is the only PDF I can recall replacing in nearly a year and half of handling the Endpoint Encryption product.


                  All the best Peter.


                  Knowledge Analyst (Global Online Services)
                  KnowledgeBase: http://mysupport.mcafee.com



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                    Thank you Kevin.

                    I would agree with you on WinPE v2 and v3 issue, but the same approach is NOT used when v1 is considered. So instructions on WinPE v1 are extensively documented, but v2 and v3 are missing. That leads to conclusion that v2 and v3 are not supported. Especially when v2 and v3 were mentioned in previous revisions of EETech document.


                    It is not about publishing technical documents. It is about revision numbers and document creation dates being a part of those documents.

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                      That is a good point,


                      Leave this with me and I will try to get an official statement on this. This is a common topic for discussion.


                      I cannot promise, but I will do my best to get some feedback on this from the colleages I work with.



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                        Hi Kthomas, Have you got office recovery procedures for EEPC? Didn't have any guide to decrypt with EETech .. hix

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                          The only documents In found that may help are:


                          KB66433 - Best practices for manually decrypting an encrypted hard disk

                          KB70191 - Do I need to decrypt the drive to recover data from a hard disk or operating system failure?




                          Kevin Thomas
                          Knowledge Analyst (Global Online Services)
                          KnowledgeBase: http://mysupport.mcafee.com

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