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    Pilot Group - AD Sync exceptions not working?


      I have created a pilot group folder in my system tree to test updates and products. I am having difficulty keeping the selected machines in this location because they are being moved back into their original locations after my sync task runs. I have a synchronization task running on the original OU and added my test systems into the exceptions list in order to avoid them from being included in it but it does not seem to work. The option to "move systems from their current location" is selected but I was under the impression adding exceptions would prevent this... I prefer not to use the "leave systems in their current location" as our computer objects can move around.


      Is there an easyier way to setup a pilot group while maintaining AD syncs and without needing to create seperate test OUs within AD?



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          OK apparently only OU exceptions will work rather than individual computer objects, despite being able to add them. Looks like the only option I have is to move my test machines into a seperate OU and exclude this.

          I would be interested to know if anyone else has been able to successfully set up a pilot group without needing to modify AD, while retaining normal AD sync tasks. If exclusions for objects worked this would not be an issue.....