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    Trojans detected but no action taken, what to do?

      I ran antivirus plus this morning and it showed 2 viruses dectected in last scan, but the number went to 0 before my eyes. However, there appears to be no information provided. I ran the a quick scan and a full scan after this initial scan and both time the security report notes 2 trojans dectected, but no action is being taken by antivirus. I'm frustrated and confused. I recently renewed my subscription and the mcafee security center layout of antivirus is absolutely atrocious compared to my old version. I would like an official mcafee tech explanation of why I'm getting trojans listed but no action is suggested or taken by anti-virus, and what I'm supposed to do, please.


      Just to clarify, when I renewed less than two months ago, my mcafee program seems to have changed from McAfee Secrity Center to Antivirus Plus - did this program automatically change its layout and functioning or did your site change my program renewal because I literally responded to subscription renewal alerts.



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          What are the detection names and file paths?


          I would recommend reading this document as a first port of call.


          Hope this helps.



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            I'm having the same problem with additional issues.  What ever the cause it is not allowing McAfee updates but telling me that I am up-to-date.  I just tried McAfee free scan and a message bounced in that my browser is too old.  IE must be 5 or higher.  I am IE8 and have been for a long time.  Just as it my security center tells me 0 viruses but when I cllick on anything on the page, # 2 replaces # 0 but only for a second.  I've had PCs and laptops for 19 years and this is the first issue I have ever had.  I am frustrated.  Sorry this isn't an answer just a note to let you know you aren't alone.


            I'm wondering if deleting McAfee would solve the problem since it seems to be McAfee related.  I don't understand why McAfee would allow some quack to get away with this.  I'm to the point that I can't tell if I have a real page or a phoney one.  They have the logo down really well and seem to be getting better with the individual pages.  Fix it for us please and go get the bad guys.



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              I having similiar issues.  My computer runs Antivirus plus and every time it says all is well, however, the report states 1 Trojan.  It never removes the Trojan - apparantly.

              I run AVG and Spybot - both found nothing.  My conclusion is McAfee is either listing the Trojan in error or can't get rid of it.  I had a chat with support this morning.  The fellow told me it's ok.  When I told him it's not ok since the program keeps telling me I have a Trojan, he directed me to McAfee Virus Removal.  Why in the world should I pay for something I already paid for?  Very disturbed and disappointed.

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                You could get another opinion from Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.org and SuperAntispyware www.superantispyware.com both of which are free and catches a lot of stuff. Run the program and let it clean anything it finds and reboot, then run the other program and do the same.

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                  I will give it a try.  Thank you.

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                    I am having the same issue.  The McAfee report says 1 Trojan detectd and that my computer is secure.  McAfee chat was unable to remove the Trojan.  Did yu ever get yours removed?  Did it cause problems?

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                      i just had the same experience with mcafee chat. they were no help at all. they said they would send a link for a free scan and to go to virus removal section. this is a brand new computer and my first experience with mcafee ( had norton for many years). you pay all this money to protect a computer and when it says it has a trojan they want even more money. why did it not protect the computer in the first place.  i am totaly disappointed with mcafee.

                      oh and they ended my chat session befor i coud even copy the numbers and a link - for the scan.