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    SbClientManager.exe - Entry Point Not Found



      Been testing upgrade from 4.2.15 to 5.2.2 and installs mostly ok except one tester who reported that after upgrade, the SBClientManager.exe isn't running. Consequently, the new v5 SB system tray icon appears (becasue Traymanager is running ok) but the activity log and SBClientLog are both blank. Trying to manually run SbClientManager.exe results in the following Error:


      SbClientManager.exe - Entry Point Not Found


      The procedure entry point ?get_attrib_mult_object@SBDB_object@@UAEPAUSBDB_ATTRIB@@KPAKKK@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library sbdbmgr.dll


      The tester still has a V4 login screen but the warning text is from our v5 container config.


      Would just dismiss it as a one-off but then had exactly the same thing on my test laptop today. After a 2nd reboot, it fixed itself though, however on my Testers machine, it is remaining broken.


      Any Thoughts? I can't possibly roll out upgrade with two identical faliures without understanding what the cause is.



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