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    VSE 8.7i not updating on some machines

      i have various servers and machines on one domain. Over the last few days 2 desktop machines have not been able to update, and on another the autoupdate does not run and must be run manually. Has anyone else had this problem?


      when looking at the error logs the auto update service seems to be using incorrect login credentials even though i have set up the editrepository settings and schedule settings to run as domain admin. The log states that the service is trying to run as <local>\<user> rather than <domain>\<user>.


      any ideas as McAfee Virtual Tech isn't much help?



      UPDATE: i have just found out that 3 patches were released for VSE 8.7 and when looking at 'About VSE' it says there is only 1 installed patch. Possibly my problem will be sorted once the other 2 patches are installed...please feel free to comment if you have experienced this before



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