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    HELP - VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0i  vs. Thunderbird 3.0.4

      Months back, Enterprise 8.5 bround Thunderbird 2.x to a virtual standstill, but somehow the problem resolved itself, as best I recall.  Now an update to Enterprise 8.7.0i and Thunderbird 3.x has again rendered the performance of Thunderbird all but useless.  Simply moving from one message to another takes an eternity.  Delete a message?  Wait and wait.  Select multiple messages?  Try several times to select them, then wait and wait some more.  In short, my preferred email reader has become impossible to tolerate.  Oh, and message downloading also takes forever.  Can I tweak settings in the VirusScan Console somehow?  Tweak TB3 somehow?  For now, I do all the real work through web access, then let TB ever so slowly download everything for off-line use.  The only email I use in client mode is GroupWise 7, which is not affected by VirusScan, it appears, nor are the web versions of Gmail or Comcast.

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