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    Resizing Safeboot installed drive

      Hi all,

      I have installed Safeboot in my laptop. It has two drives C:\ and D:\

      The encryption is successful on both the drives. Now my D:\ drive size is 80GB.


      I want to resize D:\ to 60GB, so that I can create new partition E:\ with 20GB.


      Is it possible? I'm using EASESUS Partition master home edition.


      Please let me know, if anyone tried this?


      Also, If I don't want to encrypt E:\ drive how do I cange setting in Safeboot?



      Thanks and in advance for help.


      Best Regards


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          SafeBoot? You mean v3.5? That's over 10 years old now - you should be using one of the newer products, like DEPC or EEPC from McAfee.


          regardless though, resizing the drive may work, but it's not officially supported, and to change what drives are encrypted, you need to set the right policy - in v3 it was via the install wizard, in later versions via the machine policy in SBAdmin.


          what version exactly are you using though? And if you're installing it, I assume you work in a corporate helpdesk of some kind? - If so, this is covered by the training.

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            Thanks for your quick reply.


            I use the Safeboot v5.1


            It's installed by corporate. Currently it is installed in my Laptop. Is there anyway I can exclude newly resized drive (say E:\) by changing any settings?




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              No way at all - your corporate admin can exclude it, but if they want it encrypted, probably to meet some legal requirement, there's nothing you can do to stop them.

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