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    Restore a Deleted Machine from Backup

      Hi all,


      From searching through the forums it appears that it IS possible to restore a permanantly deleted Machine Object to your live database from a backup. It looks like you have to do this outside the UI though and restore the object to it's original location then Group Scan for it to appears in the UI.


      However, in my particular scenario, I have a user who's object is in Deleted Items in my backup. I've used an insance of SBADMIN to restore this to a machine group on the backup server and been successfull in performing a Boot Once with the user using the backup infrastrastructure. Problem is, I'd like to permanantly restore the object to the Live database but have no idea where it's original location was when it was a live object.


      Where can I copy the 'missing' SDB file to in my live database so it can synch with the client again?

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          There is an "Import machines" function in EEM machine group section. If you are using recent version of EEM, that should work fine.

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            No, this is for an Online install.


            Using Import will simply import the SDB and give it a new Machine ID. This then won't synch with the Client.


            I need to restore the SDB to a folder in the actual SBDATA folder and then Group Scan. At least that's what a Thread back in Feb suggested, think Simon confirmed this was the only way but I need more info on the method.

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              It will work if machine name (not ID) matches currently used machine name on client. After that, perform sync from the client. I have tested that and it works. It will not work if BOTH machine name and machine ID differ.

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                Are you sure?


                I did try this before and the restored object would not support a machine recovery. So although it may be that the client will synch with the 'new' object, it's getting the user into the machine in the first place that could be a problem until synch has occurred.


                In your testing, what happened with the ID's after synch? Did the the client change it's local ID to match the 'new' machine ID of the Object on the Database?

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                  Client did change machine ID after sync to match new ID number (that it got in EEM, after import). So change occured to the client, not database.

                  For user, you have Recovery options.

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                    Thanks Peter, will try that now the user is currently logged in to see what happens.


                    I understand about the User Recovery, only trouble here though is that the user account is permanently deleted too (and NOT in our backup as it was permanently deleted a long time ago during our first attempts at account 'purging' via scripting). I find this strange as if the user account is gone, you'd expect the client to have been reporting "Object Not Found" when checking for User Updates on Synch, at which point you might expect login problems? Certainly, if you put the previously assigned SB username in and then do Options>Recovery the install defaults to  the Machine ID, so the client doesn't have any record of that User Account assigned locally. Makes me wonder how the user has been logging in all this time......

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                      After machine object is gone, no further client syncs were possible? So old assigned client was still there and active.

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                        Agreed, but you'd think that the User Account must still be in the local database on the client (even though it was deleted on the server). Therefore, one would expect when typing in the User Account in the username field and selecting OPTIONS>RECOVER for the ID displayed to be the deleted User Account ID? Instead, it's defaulting to machine ID which is the useful behaviour when a username NOT associated with the install is entered prior to the recovery code being generated on the client. Odd

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                          Cool. That worked, as you said Peter. Many Thanks:


                          05/24/10 14:43:59 database = xxxxxxxx
                          05/24/10 14:43:59 address = xxxxxxx
                          05/24/10 14:43:59 server port = 5558
                          05/24/10 14:43:59 authenticate = Yes
                          05/24/10 14:44:05 machine id changed, new id = 0002c2f5
                          05/24/10 14:44:05 checking for machine configuration updates
                          05/24/10 14:44:17 setting our address to ""
                          05/24/10 14:44:20 checking for Windows logon updates
                          05/24/10 14:44:20 checking for user updates
                          05/24/10 14:44:22 checking for screen saver updates
                          05/24/10 14:44:41 adding user: ID = 000010e8, name = "801990364"
                          05/24/10 14:44:43 checking for file updates
                          05/24/10 14:45:03 checking for hash updates
                          05/24/10 14:45:04 transferring audit information
                          05/24/10 14:45:58 finished synchronization

                          The wierdest thing is that it has reassociated itself with the old User Object which I thought to be deleted! Must have been orphaned?!



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