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    can u help me

      how to delete the virus by using the McAfee? the virus now has been separated by the McAfee after scanning.

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          Peter M

          You don't give much information at all but I gather that it has been quarantined, right?


          It is no longer a threat once quarantined.


          Please provide more information regarding what version of McAfee you are using.


          Is the taskbar icon square (2009 version) or shield-shaped (2010 version)?


          That will save me a lot of typing.

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            actually i don't know what version i am using.
            i guess the shield-shaped (2010 version) because it has been installed recently.
            there is no choice for u to delete the virus.
            it just shows you virus has been found and separated.
            how can i delete the virus? 

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              Peter M

              Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter (or right-click)

              Click Navigation at the top right

              Click Quarantined and Trusted Items at lower right

              Expand those "drawers" and you will see the various options when you highlight anything in there.



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                Done!! thank you!

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                  Peter M

                  You're welcome.