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    Urgently need help .... pls

      OK - I've installed EPO 4.5 and loaded VS8.7 into  Master Repository.


      Under my tree structure, I have 2 groups. 1 called Test and 1 called Live.


      I'm wanting to setup my enviroment so I can test engines / DATS on servers in the Test group. Once I'm happy with them have these dats / engine approved for Live group.


      Expect I'm really struggling how to figure it out.


      Do I need 1 'global' McAfee Agent Policy at the root level (My Organisation) an then Virus Scan policies apply at each Subgroup elevel, I.e - One for test and one for live??


      I've played round with it for a while and it's really doing my head in.


      Basically I cant figure out how to tell the Evaluation Branch to target only a specific group and Live a different group. I really hope this makes sense. For info, I only have 1 EPO server.