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    Can I lower the number of VShieldScanner threads or priority

      Sometimes, my new MacBook Pro just hangs when I am working on my apps. In almost every instance, it is 4 VShieldScanner processes using up 200% of the CPU (my MBP has a dual core processor). When that happens, every thing hangs. I can't click on Dock items (for example, I can't start terminal). I can't even create a new tab in Safari or FireFox.


      Also, when the scanning kicks off, my MBP is completely hung for 10 minutes. And no, it is not because I have an old MBP. My MBP is brand new, dual core, 2.53GHz, 8GB RAM, 500GB disk (7200 rpm). I do have a lot of files on my MBP (approx 300GB).



      - Can I configure McAfee Security to lower the number of threads or the default priority that these scanners run at.

      - I realize some have suggested launching terminal and then to renice the scanner process - problem is, I can't even launch terminal.


      Thanks in advance