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        Very interesting.  I hope DD-WRT considers units besides the 565.  I prefer the 560, and have a few older units as well.


        I am very disappointed that McAfee would purchase the line, and then EOL the units.  I have been considering alternatives to the current antivirus product we use, and thought about going with McAfee to combine antivirus with the firewall product support, but there decision to EOL the Snapgear/Cyberguard/UTM has caused me to reconsider that option.


        I understand McAfee is going to continue building Snapgear/Cyberguard/UTM for some OEM purchasers.  Perhaps that's the reason they won't sell the line, or perhaps they won't sell in order to reduce competition .



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          Or SecureF1rst http://www.teamf1.com, seams that this could be an alternative?