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    Injector BGQ and Kryptik.EIM?

      Hi all,


      just a quick question: my system Win XP sp3 started to act weirdly, after which I made a full scan in McAfee Virus Scan (which I think is up-to-date, Dat 5988.0000, date 2010-05-20), but this did not find anything strange (I ran this in the safe mode with networking). After this I downloaded a free software called Eset Online Scanner which finds WIN32.Injector.BGQ and Kryptik.EIM, and takes care of these.


      So my question is that why should I have to use some free online software to handle thse kind of issues when I have a license for the McAfee software? Am I missing some installation or why did this happen? McAfee Security Center says "Am I Protected? Yes".


      Thanks, Q

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          Hi Q,


          I have found that no anti-virus security program provides 100% protection 100% of the time with all of the variations of spyware, malware, out there in cyberspace. I read somewhere that McAfee analyzes over 10000 files a day to determine if they are legitimate or harmful and issues dat updates daily to allow or disallow these files. It never hurts to have a second opinion and ESET is one of the free programs I occasionally recommend to uses to help troubleshoot.


          McAfee has published an article which explains in a little more detail on submitting files for analysis.


          Found a suspicious file on your machine which isn't being detected?  Send it over!


          In any event I am glad you were able to get rid of this before you had any issues.