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    Scan Duration


      Is it normal for scheduled scans by McAfee Security Center (for MSN) on a Dell Windows XP SP3 system to take 5 hours?  My old Trend Micro Internet Security software didn't take that long, and the latest Consumer Reports analysis indicates McAfee is one of the slow ones.  Just curious if that is a normal duration;  the Security Center on our Dell Vista laptop and my sister-in-law's HP Windows XP SP1 also takes a long time to scan.

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          do you still have Trend Micro Internet Security software or any other 3rd party security  protection or (spyware , adware malware protection ) installed in your computer . If so pls do delete them by going to start > controlpanel > add or remove programs .


          What is the scan location or the path where scan stops or freezes & just find out whether mcafee scan is moving slowly or is it stuck on a file/folder name . 



          Before doing the scan  you can just  try doing mcafee quick clean , if you are using mcafee 2009 version then in your mcafee home page click on  "MAINTAIN COMPUTER "  at the left side . Then you will find mcafee quick cean click "start" make sure that " registry cleaner , all the 4 outlook cleaners & system restore point cleaners" must be unchecked and the remaining cleaners be checked click next  > next > next (by default "no i want to delete using standard windows standard deletion  " will  be checked ) click next to finish the quick clean and restart your computer after doing quick clean .

          also can try to delete unwanted temp files by going to Start > Run> type "temp" and delete the files & folders u find in the temp windows .

          Also try deleting the start > run > "%temp%" , go to start > run > "prefetch" and delete whatever you find inside these .  These are the ways to delete the unwantd temp files in ur computr .



          May I know your the ram memory size of your computer .to find it  go to start > right click on "my computer " > go to " properties ". if your Ram size is 256 MB  try to upgrade your ram size .

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            I have 1GB of RAM on the desktop and 4 GB on the laptop.  Trend Micro was uninstalled from the desktop upon switching to McAfee Security Center for MSN last month.  The Vista laptop only has Windows Defender on it in addition to McAfee Security Center, both Dell factory installed.  The XP desktop has "Webroot Spysweeper for MSN" in addition to "McAfee Security Center for MSN", both configured for and downloaded via MSN.  McAfee tells me the two Security Centers are essentially the same, except for minor system/browser-dedicated differences.


            I have used the QuickClean manually many times on both computers, and it works pretty fast, and is scheduled once a month as automatic.  The problem is the full system scan that occasionally pops up as "scheduled" and wants to be let run.  In "Maintain Computer", the only selections available from the dropdown menu for "Scheduled Task" are QuickClean and Defragmenter.  One has to go through several "hoops" to find the place to adjust the full scan schedule, and I always have trouble remembering how to find it - it's not under "Maintain Computer" like QuickClean, but rather it's hiding several clicks in under Virus Protection somewhere.


            My sister-in-law's laptop runs McAfee provided by Comcast, and she complains of the 4-5 hour scan time as well.  Just double-clicking on the taskbar McAfee icon can result in a wait of up to a minute for the McAfee Security Center window to fully open.  The Trend Micro Internet Security I had never took anywhere near as long, and a full system scan might be 1-2 hours, but certainly not 5.  Right now I have QuickClean scheduled once a week while the system is idle for a while, and Full Scan once a month.  The trick, because of the 5 hours needed, is to remember to leave the computer on before retiring that one night of the month, so it can run all night.  Otherwise it wants to run the scan when you first turn the system on the next morning, which is inevitably what happens.  I think it might be just easier to try and remember to start a manual full scan at the end of the day, one day a month.  Never had to do that with Trend Micro, as I could schedule the shorter scans once a month at a time during the day when I knew I'd be away from the computer for a couple of hours.


            As I said previously, even Consumer's Union (Consumer Reports) tests put McAfee way down the list for scan durations (among other things).


            I remove temp files almost daily via Internet Options, along with cookies and history, and defragment once a week since it goes faster the more frequently you do it.  I try to minimize the things that can bog down a computer;  unfortunately security programs of any brand can be resource hogs in their endeavor to protect us.

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              Open up Security Center by clicking on the red McAfee shield in your taskbar, then click on Navigation which opens up Navigation Center, then click on Scheduled Scan Settings. If you see a check mark in the box that says Scan Using Minimal Resources please uncheck the box so there is no longer a checkmark in it and then click Apply and close Security Center.


              Whenever your next scheduled scan runs let us know how long it takes. My scan used to take about 3.5 hours and now it only takes about 1.5 hours.

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                click on Navigation which opens up Navigation Center > then click on Scheduled Scan Settings> uncheck Scan Using Minimal Resources .This is a good suggestion  , since this is one of the reasong for the scan to take long time.

                if you hav mcafee 2009  version go to mcafee > click the "computer & files " > click on "to change the options click configure " > under virus protection is enabled click on " advanced " > at the left side click on "scheduled scan "> uncheck "Scan Using Minimal Resources"click apply and ok .


                Eventhough u hav uninstalled trend micro from the computer the systemmight sill have the traces of trendmicro  in the system files and registry files .

                Also in ur computer screen at the lower left go to start > computer (my computer ) > c drive > program files > look for the traces of trend micro and if u hav it just remove it ,


                Also go to Start > computer (my computer ) > c drive > program files > common files >look for the traces of trend micro and if u hav it just remove it ,

                Also click Start > Run(or press windows R in ur keyboard ) > type"%appdata%" click "ok" if u see trend micro remove it .


                When you initiate scan  just note down the path or the location where the scan is stopping or freezing . since sometimes it might stop at a point where the previous operating system folders are present .

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                  Thanks, Guys.  While waiting for more input on this thread, I spent some time messing about Security Center, and figured that using minimal resources probably meant that scans would run slower than they otherwise would, so I unchecked that box, but haven't run another full scan yet to check the resulting duration.  Your subsequent posts confirm my deduction though.


                  My McAfee Security Center for MSN doesn't have a "Navigation" link - it is version 9.15 and it is less than a month old.  I eventually discovered I could get to the full-scan schedule control by making several clicks through the antivirus section.  A total greenhorn would never find it.  Why it's not more readily available (a shortcut) like the QuickClean is beyond me - you'd think they'd be options available on the same "maintenance" or "scans" page.  Some things are user-friendly common sense with this software; but stuff like this, where an inexperienced user or cyberphobe can't readily find something as important as full-scan configuration and make changes, is why products get downgraded in the "Ease of Use" column in Consumer Reports articles.


                  I took your advice and checked for remnants of Trend Micro, but couldn't find any loose ends laying around;  it apparently all uninstalled as intended.


                  I will try to remember to post again here when I know how much shorter the full scan is after deselecting the minimal resources option.


                  Appreciate your input.





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                    open mcafee  > click computer & files > click "to change the options click configure " > click " advanced "under virus protecteion > click "scheduled scan" > uncheck the scan using minimal computer resources (but dont forget to click "apply " and then click "ok")and  do a full scan or wait for the scheduled scan & see what happens .



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                      I must agree with hafcanadian that the McAfee SecurityCenter is awful when it comes to helping people navigate. I was suffering from a slow scan as well, so I decided to change the time at which the automatic update started (what moron decided to make the default 10am on a Saturday morning? Presumably someone who thinks that people only use computers during Monday to Friday office hours).


                      Here are the hoops that I had to jump through to find out how to do this (with no help from McAfee Security Center on how it should be done:


                      1) Click on Home.

                      2) Make sure it's the "basic" option

                      3) Click on "Computers & Files"

                      3) Click on "Virus Protection"

                      4) Click on "Configure"

                      5) Click on "Advanced"

                      6) Click on "Scheduled Scan"

                      7) Make the necessary changes

                      8) Click on "Apply" ( NOT on "Reset"!)


                      Do the guys at McAfee like to put their interface together like an old text-only adventure game, because none of this is in anyway "intuitive". In fact, the whole interface of McAfee Security Center is terrible, put together by people who have no idea how an ordinary human brain works. Start employing fewer IT people, and a few more people (i.e., non-geeks) who understand the way the human brain works, McAfee!.

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                        Have to agree with pbirks;  software design companies should be testing things with non-tech guinea pigs.  What seems obvious to an IT person doesn't always fly with the general customer/user.  It's the same as with whoever writes owner's manuals for electronic devices - when are they gonna run the product past everyday folk before publishing the confusing things?  Consumer Reports didn't rate McAfee very high in the "Ease of Use" category (or any other for that matter).  Granted, the test was on an earlier version, but do they change that radically year to year?


                        If MSN hadn't included McAfee with their application, I might have gone with Norton Symantec this time around - they topped the latest tests.  The lineup seems to shift every other year, though.

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                          Thanks, Kumar.  Your May 24th answer basically repeated your previous recommendation, which I may not have clearly focused on after I couldn't find a "Navigation" function.


                          Our 2002 Dell XP desktop runs a shorter scan now.  But the 2008 Vista laptop is still around 4 hours, so I need to go in and see if I overlooked the "Apply" button or some dumb move.  I certainly appreciate your tolerance of my lack of attention.  You could have slapped me around a bit in your second post, but only restated things in a simplified context, so my brain, in it's frustrated and adalpated state, could register the solution to my problem.


                          Appreciate your patience.