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    non-compliant system issue, host unreachable

      Fresh install of ePO 4.5.0 build 753, running on windows 2008 standard server. 2005 sql express db.


      Going through and adding systems into the server. I have a handful of systems that show as non-compliant, and I can't see the status of the dat file version or engine version.


      When I try to ping those systems through the console I get a "device is unreachable error".

      I'm able to ping those systems from the command line.


      Any ideas on why this is happening?



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          You can't ping the machine from the ePO server till its managed.


          when you are adding the machine to the ePO server, you are simply creating entry in Leafnode and it doesnt have any info about the client machines.


          Is agent deployed to the client machines? If not then please refer to KB#: KB56386 for the environmental requirements for deploying the agents.


          In addition to this, make sure that apache.exe is released from the firewall (from Win firewall) for ping function of ePO to work.