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      lastnigh i decided to do a full virus scan as i do every week... this time however it found 2 trojans... they were EXPLOIT-BYTEVERIFY and CVE2009-3869


      they were in my java cache and luckily mcafee deleted them, but i am now a bit concerned about how they got om my system????


      every single file i download gets right click scanned before i open it, even mp3s, and im normally very safe with the websites  i visit and all my java, mcafee and microsoft definitions are upto date, and i tend to frequent the same sites, i also use  firefox with adblock and skip screen, so theres no dodgy popups to infect my system, so i have NO clue how theses trojans infected my system...


      can anyone shed any light on the matter????


      ive decided to play it extra safe now and have added noscript to my firefox browser, so hopefully i wont get this thing happening again



      ive just remembered, theres one website i been using for years, but a few days ago every time i went on there i was getting a message that a script on the page had stopped running and did i wish to continue...... could this be the source of the infections?????