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    Scheduled scans?

      Can anyone figure out for me why my scheduled scan is not coming on? I had it set for Fridays 6:10 AM but nothing happens. Then I changed it to 6:59 today and it still didn't come on. I checked my clock panel  it's reading 7:13 a.m. may 21, 2010. the time zone is Eastern and set for daylight time. What else do I need to do?


      PS  before McAfee updated recently to securitycenter 10-2010  the schedule worked ok



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          Please follow the below prompts and schedule the scan

          Check and delete if you have any other security software in control panel and in C:\progam files & common files.
          Restart your computer once after scheduling your scan and check if the scan starts as scheduled after the restart.

          Kindly let me know the status , Im eager to check if this gets resolved.


          Moving thread to virus scan 14 2010



          Dinesh K
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            McAfee is the only security software. I reset scheduled scan - restarted computer.   and waited.  No scan occurred. Unless the GMT (5:00) is incorrect for Eastern daylight time, (when I look at my clock; date and time properties) 


            There is no problem with manual scanning.   (running Win xp serv pk 3   ie 8.0.6)



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              I have a similar problem.  When I reset the scheduled time and close the McAfee window, the schedule reverts to the initial setting.  And I also have no problem with manual scanning.

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                When you change the settings on your scheduled scan such as the time that you want it to run, are you remembering to click the Apply button to save the changes that you have made?

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                  Yes, of course.  I re-installed the program and things seem to be working all right.  I believe my problem was related to security settings in Windows, which I resolved.

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                    Are you still having issues?







                    Glad to hear you are no longer having an issue with the scheduled scan. Let us know if you need help again down the road.



                    on 5/22/10 1:01:22 PM EDT
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                      Still having problemss - my scheduled scan was set to come on at 6:20 A.M today, didn't do it.  But it came on at 2:20 P.M.  so something is wrong.


                      It used to work before the latest upgrade - I had installed (from disk)  McAfee anti-virus Plus 2010 at the end of January, but it didn't change to Virus Scan 14.0  and Security Center 10.0 until May 12, 2010  for some reason.


                      The Geek that services my computer had to fix the McAfee april 21 dat problem in the Host file - maybe that caused my problem?


                      Or the GMT being 5:00 in my clock date and time properties  (but it says Eastern, US and Canada). We're east coast USA


                      Thanks for asking  at the moment I just turned off the automatic. I usually manually scan at least every other day anyhow.

                      ---------edited below


                      I just noticed the date stamp on this post - it looks incorrect. So this edit right now in daylight savings time  my time is 3:42pm



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                        You may be entitled to some sort of compensation regarding April 21 dat issue. http://us.mcafee.com/en-us/landingpages/np5959.asp?cid=77596



                        As for your scheduled scan issue, why not try uninstalling from Add/Remove programs and reboot, then run the MCPR removal tool found at the top of this page under Useful Links and reboot, then login to your online McAfee account and download your software and see if the problem is resolved.


                        Good Luck



                        on 5/22/10 3:43:35 PM EDT



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                          Peter M

                          There is a known issue with schedules (both scans and updates) in the new interface.   It backs off if there is CPU activity, unfortunately this makes it appear not to be working at all.  It will eventually kick in.


                          They are working on a fix or perhaps a way of controlling it.


                          We've made sure the powers that be know it's becoming a major issue.

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