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    My yahoo email is sending viruses to people and McAfee is not doing anything. HELP!!!

      Hello Everyone,


      McAffee found 3 trojans and it destroyed them last week. Then the next day my yahoo account started to send BY ITSELF emails to everybody in my yahoo address book AFTER I installed the McAfee. The email is sent with no subject line and there is a link inside the body of the text. I believe that link connects to a virus. The irony is that my laptop shows that I have Internet connection, but when I click the Internet explorer, it doesn't connect. I ran the antivirus scan again, but it didn't find anything, so how can I fix my problem and destroy the viruses and be able to connect to the Internet I believe the viruses somehow connect themselves to the Internet blocking the other programs. Please advise. I cannot use my laptop for days now. Thank you SO MUCH in advance!