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    SB Client Manager hangs on every shutdown (also port control issue?)

      We have a Dell E6400 which upon every log off or shutdown it states that the "sb clientmanager.exec" has created a fault and do we wish to debug.  Upon rebooting of the system, Port Control seems to go completely mental and blocks access to some of the sound card drivers and will also not recognize the user who is logged in (Port control states the current & default policy is "no policy" and the current user is "no user".


      We've re-imaged the machine and started from scratch, reinstalling everything and then encrypting and it worked perfectly for approximaltely 1 week and now the problem has arisen again.  We have other Dell E6400's which don't display this behaviour.  Could it be that something is maybe performing an indexing, or an antivirus software would cause the safeboot client manager to not shut down correctly?  We are using Forefront antivirus on systems.