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    McAfee Security seems to slow down my login (significantly)

      I have noticed significant slowdown/hangs when logging in on two different MacBook Pros. I was wondering if you have seen this and if yes, if you any suggestions or recommendations.



      I got a MacBook Pro for work last year. After running with it for 3 months as a proof of concept (I was one of the first to have a Mac in my company), my IT department installed McAfee Security (not sure the version but it was around Sept 2009). After that, my login would (about half the time) hang at the login screen, or hang when the login in dialog goes away and I see the background splash. The hangs lasts over 10 minutes to the point where it either finally logs in or I give up in frustration and hard power off. The problem went away when we removed McAfee. (Actually, the long story - I brought my MBP to Apple. After I described the problem, one of the Genius asked if I installed McAfee. When I said yes, he removed it from the startup and the problem disappeared.)


      I am now on my second MBP (dual core, 2.53GHz, 8GB RAM) and have been using it since last Friday (5/14) (six days). This morning, login proceeded as normal until I got to the desktop background. The background came up, dock appeared, the menu items showed up but not the icons on the upper right (date, power, wifi, etc). During the hang, I did not get any responses from clicking on dock items, the apple menu, etc. This hang lasted 12 minutes.This is the first hang on my new MBP. I was, again, wondering if you have seen this before. Do you have any suggestions on how I can diagnose the problem - e.g., I can't start terminal etc during the hang to figure out what was running.


      I will continue to use my new MBP as is to see if I can diagnose this further.


      Thanks in advance




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