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    RSD report

      Hi All,


      I am using ePO 4.0, MA=4.5 & Rogue sensor 2.x. Running SA repository RSD sensor is installed in SAR server.


      systems are reporting in ePO but getting incorrect rogue report.


      As per mcafee support guide we have restarted the RSD sensor installed server. Still facing the same issue.


      Ex: we are having 100 + systems but Rogue report shows total only 25.


      Please guide me to resolve this.







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          Sailendra Pamidi

          Hi Mohan,

          Please check if these other missing systems are actually part of the same subnet as the Sensor. The Sensor may not be detecting traffic if the broadcast traffic from other LAN segments is not forwarded across.

          It is recommended that you install atleast 2 sensors per LAN segment (subnet) to cover all the machines in different segments.

          If these are all part of the same subnet, you can examine if they are being detected by the sensor by looking at the RSD Sensor debug log.

          The log is at Program Files\McAfee\RSDSensor folder named RSDSensor_out.log. You will need to enable debug on this log by editing RSSensor_out.cfg file and modfiying the line: