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    Secure Web Reporter, Usernames are (not applicable\-) of child domains.


      Our situation is as follows.


      Downstream proxy (ISA 2006) in NLB mode configured with the "Webwasher ISA Server Proxy Chaining Plugin" connects to the upstream Web Gateway 6.8.6 build 6257 in cluster mode.


      Web Mapping is configured as:

      Map from:               User Name

      Map via:                  map directly

      Using these rules:    User-Direct-1


      Within [Edit rules and options]

      Extract user information from:     User defined request header

      User defined meta of requested header:     X-Authenticated-Users


      Checked Mapping options:

      Add domain name to user name


      In de reporting of the web gateway is see root domain users (domainname+username) but not of the child domains+usernames.

      In the ISA logging I see both rootdomain and childdomain.


      Authorisation is okay.