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    Database Server Credentials for SQL2005 Express

      I'm currently installing EPO 4.5 and am having some difficulty following/accepting the Install Guide where it reads





      Windows authentication (recommended) — Specify the NetBIOS name of the

      Domain associated with the desired domain administrator user account. Then, provide

      and verify a password.


      Am I to understand that I must use a Domain Admin account for SQL2005 Express database user credentials if I choose to use Windows Authentication, or would a standard domain user account suffice?

      Or, as long as I'm asking, why not a standard domain user account with local administration right?


      Perhaps there are functional advantages to using a Domain level Admin account, but this seems to be at the cost of security.


      Of course there is the possibility that I'm way off base here and reading into the instructions more than simply understanding that it is requesting a unique username and password not associated with either the domain or server.


      Any chance someone could offer some insight or provide the type of credentials you used to successfully install SQL2005 Express on a EPO 4.x server. The last thing I need is database issues going forward. EPO 4.5 itself should be enough of a learning curve for a couple of weeks since we are currently on version 3.5. By the way this is a clean install on Server 2003 just to simplify things a bit.












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          Sailendra Pamidi

          You can use a regular Domain User Account that is having local administration rights on the SQL Server database system for the installation. The requirement is to use a sysadmin user on the sql server for creating the database and other operations during install - and this is satisfied by a domain user account with local admin rights on the sql server system.

          Once installation is done, you can downgrade the user account specified to access the epo database (https://localhost:8443/core/config) to an account with dbowner rights to the ePO database. For more details please refer to KB59903