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    Second partition still encrypted

      I have a laptop hard drive that was having a corrupted Safeboot problem. It had two partitions, a C: boot partition and a D: storage partition.


      Unfortunately, the tech that received this before me did not use Safetech to fix the corrupted Safeboot, but instead decided to format C: and reinstall Windows.

      After reinstalling Windows she saw that D: now shows up asking to be formatted... and now it is in my hands.


      I need to pull data off of the D: partition.  How would I go about doing this?  Everything I see in WinTech/SafeTech looks to be solely based on a disk wide problem, rather than partition problem.  I'd rather not just start clicking things so as to avoid causing unneccessary damage to the data.

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          your need to decrypt the 2nd partition using the old machine database export. You can get the sector range out of the disk information. You'll have to use the force crypt option as your tech will have nuked the original disk information when he reformatted.



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            I tried this and oddly it had no effect, it still acts like the partition is not formatted.


            I don't think the other tech would have formatted it, knowing there was data that needed to be copied off the D: partition, but it appears that may have happened.


            Also, after having done the force decrypt, on the exact starting sector of the second partition, and for the exact listed sector count, (all found in disk information) it managed to zap the C: drive so that it wouldn't boot.  Is that normal?  Didn't really matter, considering it was just a brand new XP install on the C: partition.

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              No, there's no chance a force decrypt would touch the first partition at all - it would only touch the sectors you told it to - it knows nothing about partitions.


              my guess is that the sector range you used was incorrect, or, the partitions are not where they report to be. Certainly the only way you could nuke the boot partition with force decrypt is if you use a sector range which touched it.

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                Hmm, I know I had the sector numbers correct, as I double checked just to be sure. If the sectors were reported wrong for the partitions, that could also cause it to decrypt the d: partition incorrectly, correct?



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                  yes, most certainly.