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    Help me!

      J'ai rencontré un soucis sur Facebook, un "gugusse" s'est amusé à faire une fausse déclaration d'abus me concernant et je ne sais plus à qui m'adresser:

      -pour savoir comment récupérer ma page Facebook

      -pour signaler à Facebook que cette personne est une personne frauduleuse qu'il faut supprimer de leur site

      Merci de me répondre si vous avez une solution.

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          Peter M

          Sorry but I do not speak French very well.  I will provide an online translator version at the end.

          If someone is abusing your Facebook page then you must report that to Facebook.   I do not think that has anything to do with McAfee.


          Online Translation:

          Traduction  en ligne :


          Désolé mais moi ne parlez pas français très bien. Si quelqu'un maltraite votre page de Facebook  puis vous devez rapporter cela à Facebook. Je ne pense pas qui a n'importe quoi  faire avec McAfee.

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            Thank you very much for your answer, but I don't know how to contact Facebook, it is not easy to find addresses where one can send identity papers to prove that the denunciation was untrue, then I seek on all the sites somebody who will be able to help me either to contact them, or to find my Facebook page. It is possible to remove it, therefore it is possible to give it since Facebook keeps all in memory during a few years! I need just a person who knows herself there in data processing...

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              Peter M

              OK.  This is how I would contact Facebook myself.  I would go to the sign-in page http://www.facebook.com/login.php then click Help Center at bottom then near the bottom right of that page http://www.facebook.com/help/?ref=pf there is a link to click for "Hacked Accounts and Spam" (click the attached picture to magnify).

              You can see in that picture that you can change the country over at the bottom left if you wish.


              You should perhaps alter your Facebook privacy settings also to restrict access by others.



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                Thank you very much for your explications.

                I will try to do what you said to me but thank you very much to have taken your time to try to help me!

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                  Peter M

                  You are welcome and good luck.

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                    In fact, it is my address e-mail which was decontaminated and there I do not know how to reactivate it. It must be simple but I don't know enough data processing to arrive there!

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                      Peter M

                      Your email address at Facebook or your email on your computer?


                      If the account is corrupted at Facebook and you can still access it you can alter the email used in your account settings.  Or simply creat another account and ask them to delete the old one.

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                        All re-endered in the order! Recovered my page Facebook, they realized that I was in good faith! In all the cases, thank you very much to have helped me, really sympathetic!!!! 

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                          Peter M


                          Bonne chance à l'avenir !