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    downloaded internet security not working

      My bank offers Internet Security as a free download with 12 months service. I downloaded the software but it will not install. No error messages. It just doesn't do anything, apperars to be stuck. I cancelled several times and try to reinstall with no luck. I am running Win 7, not sure what version of Internet Security - it does not say on the McAfee website.


      Any help would be appreciated!

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          Hi jenmcd ,


          There is a compatibility issue  between mcafee home edition and windows 7 64 bit operating system . but soon it will be fixed as mcafee is working on it .


          if its windows 7 -32 bit operating system   let me know  What type of internet connection you have. do you have any other 3rd party antivirus security in system apart from mcafee .  If so removeother ativirus  softwares .

          Also try running virtual technician  by going to mvt.mcafee.com (dont use www or http).



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            thank you. i am running win 7 64 bit.