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    VS 8.7 Policies not exporting from EPO4.0 correctly, deleted policies included in set



      I need an explanation as to some very annoying behaviour EPO 4.0 is exhibiting when exporting/importing ViruScan 8.7.0 policies.

      I recently overhauled a whole load of our VS 8.7 scanning policies, basically close to every policy for the VS8.7 set within our environment.

      Some policies were up-versioned with a name change and others were deleted and just recreated entirely.


      I left the environment in a very neat state with all the policies at the highest version present and assigned to the right place, all the older policies either superseded via a rename or outright deleted.

      So just to confirm there, the policies not being used anymore were flat out deleted from the development system and do not exist in it.


      I then went and exported the VS 8.7 policy set to an XML file ready for official release into another environment.

      The xml file was then loaded into the new integration system via the Import function and this is where the major frustration began.


      For whatever reason, of which I can't fathom for the life of me, EPO 4.0 has exported all the policies at the right version level, plus all the policies that simply do not exist anymore on the developement system. As an example, one featured uplift we did was create specific Low risk on access policies, the new policy set has a policy called "Low Risk On Access - Base Template v0.2" and then any deltas for specific groups/products.


      Within the exported set I can clearly see a policy called "Low Risk On Access Policy - All Servers" which does not even exist in our developement environment.


      At all.

      It used to exist, it used to be our default, but it was outright deleted in the development system, so why is it in the exported policies list?


      Basically I now have a mass export of redundant policy objects/information with about 20 extra policies loaded into our integration environment that simply do not exist at all in our development environment. This seems like an absolutely huge bug, so can someone tell me why the hell is this happening and how can I stop it? Why is EPO 4.0 even aware of old policy objects I've flat out told it to delete let alone holding a local copy that it decides to export when the policy should not even exist.


      Apologies if this has been discussed before but this has caused me a lot of pain this afternoon.