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    EPO 4.5 and McAfee Security for Sharepoint (PortalShield 2.0 SP1)

      I'm attempting to install McAfee Security for Share point on my EPO 4.5 SP1 single server. I downloaded the files from the grants page and followed as closely as the instructions would allow for a 4.5 install. Well let's be honest, 4.5 is not mentioned in the documentation for PortalShield (but it's on the support list for EPO 4.5.) I have not been able to find a single person, or document on prodecures on how I am to go about doing this. I was able to get the package to install but there were no reports (3.6 and 4.0 reports but they show as unknown product when checked in) and I also don't have any listing under policies for PortalShield to set detection actions, on-demand scans, etc.. It is simply a push with no EPO control. Any help or guidance I can get with this would be great, as we are on a fiscal year crunch to finish Sharepoint and this needs to be running by 5/25/2010.

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          Sailendra Pamidi

          Hi Rick,

               ePO 4.5 is supported with Security for SharePoint 2.0 SP1. The installation instructions remain the same for deployment via ePO as existing ePO 4.0 system (Please refer to the readme document in the PSHv21.zip file for specific instructions). To manage the system, please ensure that you checked in the product and reporting extension files into ePO.


          To do this extract the PSHv21.zip file and drill down to the PSHv21_ePO 4.0 folder and check-in the extension file for your particular language - for e.g.: PRTLSHLD2000_0409.zip for English.

          and the reports extension PSH20Reports.zip.



          1.  Log on to the ePolicy Orchestrator server as a global

          2.  Click Menu | Software | Extensions | Install
              Extension. The Install Extension dialog box

          3.  Click Browse, select the extension file
              PSH20REPORTS.ZIP and click OK.


          You should now be able to manage Security for SharePoint installation using ePO 4.5.


          Note: if you upgraded from ePO 3.6 to ePO 4.5 as opposed to doing a fresh install of ePO 4.5, then please refer to KB66508 for a known issue.




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            PERFECT! Everything is good to go now. I didn't have trouble finding and getting the package installed but I never had to seperately check-in extensions to get the policies to load in EPO. Everything is there now as it should be. Thanks for your help!