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    Total Protection Upgrade Problem


      Since the installation upgrade on May 16th, my network connection gets wiped out everytime I exit the internet.  I have to jump through hoops with Windows to get reconnected.  How do I get my networked recognized?  This is my main family computer that is hardwired to my router.  Thank goodness my wireless connections are still working, ie. xbox and ipods are able to connect without a problem.


      Please help.

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          Hi this is kumar,

          I understand ur frustration  . Since mcafee has changed to 2010  version just go to mcafee & it must say like " your computer is secure " and then click "firewall"> go to " settings " then click the restoredefaults "It may say like new pc internet connection detected " it will prompt to select home , network or public .You can select home . and then see what happens.


          if this does not work go to firewall > program permissions > check whether internet explorer is having full access . Also check anything related to network is blocked access . if internet explorer is not having full access , please allow full access for it .



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            This answer resolved a problem I had too.

            I have McAfee SecurityCenter (I guess version 2010 since it was just installed by a technician cleaning a virus 2 weeks ago).  Everything worked fine until the automatic virus update night before last.  As soon as the update was done, the internet connection was lost.  Not knowing what to do, I rebooted the computer but that didn't work. I reconnected the wireless receiuver, then unplugged and rebooted the cable modem and even unplugged and rebooted the wireless transmitter.  Nothing worked to restore connectivity so I logged off for the day, not able to do what I needed done.

            The next day when I logged in, a McAfee text box popped up to say it'd had detected a new connection and asked if it was Home, office, or public internet.  I didn't know how to force that restart, and hadn't thought to restore (since I hadn't changed anything).

            I logged into this help today to find out how to force that connection, and will now remember to reset defaults.  I still don't understand what happened, since my connection was NOT new.


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              Although restoring the default settings to the firewall worked, I have to do it every day that I turn the PC on.  I'm using the same wireless profile, why doesn't McAfee recognize the connection each day and how can I fix the need to restore every day?