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    Total Protection = Total Frustration

      I'm not a teckie so I don't know what I should be doing, but McAfee seems to have taken over my computer, when I log in it takes ages until I can actually start using my laptop because McAfee seems to always be doing something, which doesn't end up being anything, if you know what I mean.  It tells me it's downloading a viruscan, then it just keeps going ... and going ... and going.  Then I get the "unprotected" message.  Then I get something like "backup's been disarmed".  What's happening?  .  Windows XP keeps freezing and/or not responding.  I'm spending all my time just starting again.  Is there anything I can do to help myself - to stop myself throwing the thing out the window?  McAfee online support was pretty hopeless - I kept being asked to check back on things but because of the perpetual McAfee viruscan downloading I couldn't access the requisite pages quickly enough since they wouldn't open property, so they kept going off line.  Also the virtual technician gave me a reference number which I used and which I assumed would enable the on-line operative to have a look and see what had been diagnosed by virtual tech - nothing as simple, the operative just persisted in asking what seemed to me to be unrelated questions.  What am I supposed to do - McAfee has rendered my laptop virtually useless.



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          I agree.  Total Protection has ruined the last 2 days of my life.  I'm not a techie either, but the Network Defense has wiped out the ability for my computer to connect to the internet, something about an "unidentified network."   I'm ready to "uninstall" McAfee and go with a different system.