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    help with a quartined item.

      Ok..here we go. I an having trouble with antivirus plus. It is putting a exe file in quartine. every time i restore it, it puts it back into the quartine file. In order to play my game (mechwarrior 4 mercs 3.1 released by Mektek with the blessing of Smith and Tinker and Microsoft) I have to turn off real time scanning or it puts the exe file back into quartine. some jerk reported it to Norton's as a trojan a couple weeks ago and Nortons' blacklisted it. After much discussion with Mektek and Microsoft, Im told, Nortons de- blacklisted the exe file. Ive played it alot since it release and it is NOT a trojan or malacious file.  Yesterday, I sent it to Webimmune and got a response today saying that no virus/trojan was found. It also said to update my dat file which i did. I am trying to get this sorted out where i can play my game without any interference for Antivirus Plus. I tried finding a way to creat an exception for the exe file and/or game folder  so mcafee's would leave it alone, i cannot find one if there is. Please de-blacklist MW4MERCS.EXE or tell me of a way to create an exception so Mcafee's will leave it alone. I also couldnt find a way to put it on the trusted list which assuming from the other threads ive read here you cant  add to the trusted list. this needs to be fixed. Im about at the point of uninstalling Mcaffe's and cancelling my subscription. I dont want to do that as Ive been with Mcafee's for 7-10 years and have never had a problem like this. Please rectify this situation asap..thank you for your assistance ..my info is as follows:


      os: xp w/sp 3

      mcafee's antivirus plus

      antivirus version 14.0

      build 14.0.309

      last update 5/18/10

      dat version 5986

      dat creation date 5/18/10

      engine version 5400.1158

      subscription expires 3/23/2011


      file in question: MW4MERCS.EXE

      quartined file name MW4MERCS.EXE   ARTEMIS!7F7DE95E75F0

      webimmune issue # 5995520