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    Agent 4.0 not displaying correct patch level


      I've installed McAfee Agent (patch 3) and McAfee VSE (patch 3) on my Windows 7 machine.  When I right-click on the Agent tray icon and click "About.." it shows the VSE Hotfixes->Version as 2.  When I check on the ePO server, it shows this machine with Patch=3 and szHotfix=3.  Why is the Agent on the client showing Patch level 2, but reporting level 3 to ePO?


      The value of HotFixVersions is 3 in the following registry key:

      HKLM\SOFTWARE\Network Associates\ePolicy Orchestrator\Application Plugins\VIRUSCAN8700


      I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the Agent and VSE from the master repository, but this didn't help.  Incidentally, when I install only VSE, I get the dreaded 1920 error ... but this error goes away if I install the Agent before VSE.


      Thanks for you help!



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