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    Purpose of cleanup.exe?



      After deploying epo-agent version to our systems, it seems a file cleanup.exe is being put under a directory C:\windows\temp\mfexxx.tmp.


      It also seems removing this file/directory just makes it come back. What's the purpose of this? Is it normal behaviour or should I be worried?

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          This is normal - cleanup is part of the agent installer. I shouldn't worry about it - unless it's causing other problems?


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            We use a third party tool to distribute the framepkg.exe and it was set to distribute always without checking if the agent was already installed or not :-).


            The cleanup.exe file under c:\windows\temp\mfexxx.tmp was part of a pending file operation.


            So it seems in no way should you have that file in that location under normal circumstances. Only after an agent installation/reinstallation until first reboot.

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              Yes, that's correct - it should be removed on the next restart


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                Hi all,


                I have the same problem, but in my case mfexxx.tmp files end up using all the free space on the disk, what can be?


                Machine with Problem:


                System Description N/A
                Operating System OS Type:Windows 2000,OS Platform:Professional,OS Version:5.0,OS Service Pack Version:Service Pack 4
                Is 64 Bit OS No
                System Tree Sorting Enabled
                Managed State Managed
                Agent Version (deprecated)
                Last Communication 6/23/10 5:40:43 PM
                Last Sequence Error
                Sequence Errors 0
                Installed Products Data Loss Prevention, McAfee Agent, Product Coverage Reports, VirusScan Enterprise, AntiSpyware