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    CLI Help - Email Gateway (Ironmail)v6.7.1

      I need to know the equivalent command to the following for Ironmail 6.7.1


      show log superq |grep "qList: [1-9][0-9][0-9]"

      QSpinner:115690-09122005 01:13:43::SUPERQ No.  of messages in qList: 118



      I understand the superq information is now contained in a binary log, but even by inspecting the binary log using

      showevents -s cfile="/conf/scevents.ini" -s ifile="/log/scmail-logs.bin" -g module=superq -d tail


      I do not see qList or an equivalent in the output.

      Where should I look to find the No. of messages in qList in Ironmail v6.7.1?

      Thanks in advance,




      on 5/17/10 2:53:42 PM CDT