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    Internet Security vs. SecurityCenter



      I recently renewed my 3 seat license.  When updated, one computer changed from Security Center to Internet Security.  The computer running Internet Security network status when seen from the computers running Security Center (which did not change to Internet Security) is seen as not having the latest version (although I just downloaded and installed from Mcafee.com).  The Security Center computers have a network status of not having the latest version when seen from the computer running Internet Security (although I just downloaded and installed from Mcafee.com).  I have uninstalled from windows, restarted, ran the mcafee uninstall utility, restarted and then reinstalled from "my account" X times to no avail.


      Which is more up to date: Internet Security or Security Center?  


      How do I get all three computers running the same product, of which I have a three seat license?



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          Sorry for the delayed reply ,by uninstalling & reinstalling you  are supposed to receive the  latest version of security center and if you  still dint receive its some thing strange happeninghere , Please contact out technical support chat from here and they will diagnose the issue.



          Dinesh K
          McAfee Online Community Moderator