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    EEPC 5.2.4: Windows 7, "set endpoint encryption password to windows password"



      does anyone else had this problem:


      a domain user changes his windows password under Windows 7, EEPC setting is set to "set the EE password to match the windows password". Unfortunately it does not work. The EE password remains the same (old) password.


      machine options set:


      • Require logon to Endpoint Encryption
      • Attempt automatic Windows logon
      • Requires re-logon to Endpoint Encryption
      • Automatically logon as pre-boot user
      • Endpoint Encryption logon component always active
      • Set Endpoint Encryption password to Windows password
      • Must match Windows user name.


      Client: Windows 7 32-bit

      EEPC v 5.2.4


      Thanks for any help!