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    McAfee 2010 not doing scheduled scanning

      I have a scan scheduled for once a week, every Monday at 4am.  Since the computer is normally off at 4am, scan usually starts shortly after the computer is booted Monday morning.


      This week, Mcafee updated to 2010 Total protection (with less protection than 2009), and so far, the computer has been on an hour and a half with no scan starting.

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          since your McAfee has beenn upgraded to 2010 automaticaly  the scheduled scan may  require to be configured . Hence open McAfee > check whether it is saying "your computer is secure " or not , if so click scan > " scheduled scan settings "> check whether it has  been configured or not .if its not scheduled you can schedule it  over there ...



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            1)  An "automatic" upgrade should never require manual intervention by the user to get things going again, with the possible exception of needing to restart the computer.


            2)  Before I wrote the message I had checked as you suggested.  At about 9:20 am, Mcafee showed a scheduled scan for the previous 4:00 am.  Yet in the first half hour or so, Mcafee did not start the scheduled scan.


            3)  After I sent the message, I initiated a scan manually.  As soon as that scan was done. Mcafee indicated that the next scan was now scheduled at 4:00 am on May 24.  No sooner had that been displayed, but Mcafee brought up another copy of the Security Center and began another full scan, apparently the one it had refused to do when I booted up, and apparently in total ignorance of the fact that it had just done a full scan and reset the scan schedule.


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              Hi randyphd04,

              McAfee scheduled scan works along with windows task scheduler. Make sure that the windows task scheduler is able to execute a task that is scheduled. Let’s check this by the following step;

              1. Click Start - Al prograsm - Accessories - System tools and double-click Scheduled Tasks.
              2. Double-click Add Scheduled Task, and then click Next.
              3.  Click a program that you want to schedule, and then click Next.
              4.  Click a scheduling option under Perform This Task, click Next, and then click Finish.

              NOTE: To use Task Scheduler, you must log on to the computer with a valid user account.

              Please keep me posted on this so that we could get along with this.



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                After I get to the small box "Scheduled Task Wizard"  I have the following choices that begin with the word "McAfee":

                [the commas in the numbers might be decimal points instead]


                a) McAfee Service Center 10,0,563,0

                b) McAfee Service Center 10,0,575,0

                c) McAfee Total Protection 10,0,575,0

                d) McAfee Virtual Technician 4,3,0,0

                e) McAfee Wireless Network S... 3,0,126,0


                • None of these look like a system scan

                • The Virtual Technician is *never* found by McAfee when I try it, I always have to download a copy

                • There is no wireless network, and yet McAfee persists in telling me that it is disconnected and that it has "failed to materialize"



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                  Hi randyphd04 ,

                  at the very bottom right corner of ur computr screen  u will hav the time double click on it exactly u can see date & time  proeprties calendar and clock . make sure that the date & time  (year , timezone , month , day , date ,time ) of your computer is perfect if not first change the time zone (this must be changed only the u need to check year and date etc... .) after changing the date & time  according to your local time zone dont forget to click apply and then hit ok .


                  after correcting ur date & time(only if they r incorrect )  try scheduling the scan > to do this openmcafee > click  virus & spyware protection > click "scheduled scanning" > set ur own schedule and click apply and ok and see what happens



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