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    Duplicate IP Address Query


      Hi there,


      I would like to make a query which generates duplicate IP addresses. Can someone help me out on this?





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          Sorry, I'm not sure exactly what youre trying to do... can you clarify a bit? Do you want a query that shows you all machines with a particular IP address? Or do you want to see if you have any machines reporting the same address to ePO?


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            I would like to create a query that will display all the duplicate IP adresses I have in EPO.. Its like the preset query that aleady exists in EPO of showing duplicate hostnames

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              This probably won't help you much since you're probably using a newer version of ePO than I am.  But with ePO 3.6.1, I created a query to Order By IP Address.  I did this by copying one of the default queries and Editing the settings accordingly.  When I run the new query I still needed a way to find the duplicates, so I created an Excel spreadsheet which, once the IP Address column is copied and pasted into it, has a command to look for duplicate entries.


              This has worked well enough for me that I've created further queries for:

              MAC Address

              Agent GUID

              User Name


              Since I'm usually looking for any duplicates, my Excel spreadsheet works with data from any of these queries.


              Best regards!

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                Ah, OK - I see what you mean now.

                I'm afraid that this is not possible at the moment, but by all means enter it as an FMR if it is something that you would find useful.




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                  Thanks Joe