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    Product Activation Problem

           I installed mcafee total protection 3pcs on my desktop and my laptop, my desktop works ok now although I did have some issues installing the product but have managed to resolve them. The problem is that I am unable to activate the product on my laptop, I have internet access on my laptop but whenever I try to activate the product I get a message telling me that I need to connect to the internet it has also caused some of my other programs to malfunction I am unable to download from the internet and windows media center can no longer connect to the internet. I have done many system restores, I have uninstalled the product but nothing has worked. can someone help me?

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          Hi natty,


          I understand the issue's you are facing on your computer, however not to worry i shall try my best to help you.


          >Could you please check if date & time including year are correct or not according to your computer, if incorrect please correct it & then try activating McAfee product.


          >Do you have any other Anti-virus or Anti-spyware software's installed on your computer like Norton,AVG...etc.




          Rakesh P

          McAfee Technical Support

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            The year, date and time on my computer are correct, and I don't have any other anti-virus or anti-spyware installed, so what do I do now?

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              I would suggest you uninstall via Add/Remove programs an reboot, then run the MCPR removal tool found at the top of this page under Useful Links and rebbot again. McAfee has a preinstall tool available and works very well for issues such as yours. After installing the tool log in to your online McAfee account and download and install your software. Let us know how this works for you.

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                Hi natty,

                could u pls tell me  are u able to activate mcafee or  did u try reinstalling directly from ur account (no need to register if u download from ur mcafee account ). first let me know  the operating system( is it windows xp , vista or windows 7 ) what is the internet connection u have>  is it dsl , cable or wireless ? also just remove any other 3rd party security antivirus if u hav in the system > to do this just go to Start > control panel add or remove programs (for xp) and start > control panel > programs & features (vista or windows 7 ).  if u get a message saying like  u need to have an internet connection just make sure ur internet is connected .

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                  Hi, the answer to your questions are: Windows Vista, wireless, but I still get the 'check your internet connection' message when I connect directly to the modem. And I had removed all other antivirus products before I installed McAfee. I have done everything that has been suggested but nothing has worked. I have just been ignoring my laptop and only using my desktop since my laptop is not protected and I can't get some of the programs to work. I am so sorry that I purchased this product it has only caused me stress I am definately going back to norton.  I will not recommend mcafee to anyone.