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    Internet Security 2010 - Installation problem



      Just downloaded the new update of Internet Security 2010. De-installaton of 2009s version has been conducted via system control panel > "software" > de-install. Subsequently I used the "McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool" (as administrator) to remove all related files of 2009s version.


      Logfile of the removal tool is also ok (pls. see below)


      May 16, 2010 14:09:51
      INFO   Cleanup finished running using Task Scheduler.
      PASS   The products have been successfully removed.


      Reboot has been conducted.


      When I now execute the DMSetup.exe, it starts up with the usual pop-up window, checks the available download and then remains in the pop-up window.....but nothin happens.....the McAfee headline can be seen, the rest of the window remains white and you can also see, that something's working in the beackground, but also after several minutes of waiting nothing happens.


      Already checked my registry, used the removal tool coupla times.....but actually I have no further clue / idea what could be the cause.


      Could anybody help? - Screenshot is attached!


      btw.: Using Windows Vista 6.0 SP 2.


      Thanks & regards,



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