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    New Look Big Problem

      My computer has slowed to the point I can not play any on-line games ever since the the new look up-date. The McSvhost and McAgent are using up to 100% of my CPU usage and my harddrive is constantly running.

      I have scanned and run stinger I can only assume it's McAfee trying to run in the background very unsuccessfully, does anyone have a fix for this or can I manually adjust something?

      Security Centre

      Build 10.0.588

      Ver. 10.0

      Affld 0.630

      last update 12/05/2010

      Virus scanner

      Ver. 14

      Build 14.0.309

      Dat 5983

      Running an E-machine


      XP home

      2 gig memory

      100 gig HDD

      64 meg on board video

      Cable modem( high speed)

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          Go to Useful Links at the top of this page and run the McAfee Virtual Technician. MVT will scan your computer for McAfee related issues and will attempt to fix them. It will generate a session id which you should post here on the forum. If MVT cannot fix something then contact Technical Support Chat also found under Useful Links so they can diagnose your issue(s).


          Good Luck