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    av.exe fake antivirus - does McAffee recognize?

      Hi all,


      Does McAfee Security Center recognize and block a virus that installs "av.exe" on one's computer, which then brings up a fake antivirus program called, if I remember correctly, "XP Internet Security (Unregistered)" and then tells you that hundereds of viruses are on your machine, assails you with pop ups inquiring you to buy the service, and running all programs on the computer through itself?


      I dont remember what it was called in technical terms but it was a very annoying and crippling virus that I'd rather not get again.


      It infected my Windows XP machine and I got rid of it through a safe mode system restore.


      In addition, does anyone know how you would get this virus, so that I can avoid getting it in the first place? Is it one you have to download yourself or is it an auto-install virus?




      Peace out and God bless.