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    Post-5958 - still can't reboot !

      I have a Dell netbook with WIndows XP service pack 3.  This is not my main PC and use it when traveling and as a way to backup files from my main PC.  I got caught up with the problems with the 5958 download.  After that download I has unable to reboot my netbook.  I was able to boot in safe mode and run the utility from the mcafee website to removed mcafee.  I am able to reboot just fine without mcafee installed.  But as soon as I install mcafee again and reboot it hangs up again. I have tried downloading mcafee several times over the last few weeks and it is still happening. So what the heck is going on?  Any suggestion?

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          See my post here: http://community.mcafee.com/message/130603#130603


          You will have to uninstall, use the cleanup tool (MCPR) linked in Useful Links above, then reinstall from the account page after altering the country to either Canada (English), UK or Australia to get a newly updated version specially designed for this issue.



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            Hi All,

            This issue was rectified with a recently released patch to address the Dell mini issue where in it wasn’t getting past Win Logo screen . As Exbrit stated, please login to the website and change the locale at the top and start the installation. it should go on past the windows logo without any issues. Please let me know the output., so that I could help you if anmy issues on the same.










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              Thanks for your help.  I did finally get it to work after downloading the Canadian English version even though I am in the US.  What a mess mcafee has made of this.  I would be fired at work if something like this POS got through regression and  user acceptance testing.