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    Rogue emails

      I am having rogue emails that are being sent from my mail ID with a link to spam.  I am not using an email client (like Outlook), I just just my att.com webmail program.  The mails don't show up in my sent file.


      My McAfee shows up to date.


      Any ideas how to stop this?


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          I wonder if you have got some kind of spyware malware lurking around in your computer? McAfee has published a link in dealing with this stuff and has been very effective.

          Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting


          If still having issues after following the above, you could try running SuperAntispyware www.superantispyware.com

          and Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.org both of which are free. Just follow the directions and check for the latest

          updates before you run them. Let them clean out anything they find and reboot the computer each time they are finished.


          Good Luck



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            I had these got heaps of bounced emails in Russian addresses that appeared to have been sent by me. If your PC is clear check via k3tg's suggestions above, the main other possibility is someone who is on your email address book is infected and their address book has been copied. The spammer then spoofs your address as the source.


            Looking deeper into the email you should see the sender IP address is it yours if not you should be ok worry about your mates though.

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              I believe I have a similar problem. My yahoo is sending people emails from me, with a blank subject line and a link to click on inside the body of the message. All those emails appeared in my sent folder. I turned my laptot off so no viruses can access my address book. Also my internet shows that the wireless connection is on, but when I try to go to an URL, it reads that I do not have incernet connection. How can I find out the isp address you mention below also how can I can I regain access to the internet so I could download all the available tools to destroy the malware? Many thanks!!!

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                Sigh posted a lot of info and post did not work so summart


                Email details in properties ie file properties in emailtabs or right click and view source or properties.


                As your emails are showing in sent please ckeck with the following

                Required Reading -  Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting


                Send anything found to mcafee labs for analysis and adding to their database. If nothing found try some of the freeware scanners such as






                And Let them clean what they find

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                  Thank you so much for sharing and for such a prompt response!  Unfortunately, I am unable to connect to the internet.


                  Upon discovering what has been described as "rogue emails" in my yahoo account, I downloaded McAfee.

                  While it was downloading, I removed Norton AntiVirus and Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007, as I had a beta version of Microsoft 2010 which was already installed.


                  McAfee ran a scan and discovered 3 trojans. At that time I still was able to connect to the internet.


                  Then I discovered I no longer had access to the Microsoft Office in general and I decided to "restore" my computer to the date prior to my deleting these programs (MS 2003/2007). Then I started to re-install the McAfee again. When I installed it, I had to again remove the Norton AntiVirus. At that time, I was no longer able to connect to the internet, even though the "yahoo email" continued to send out those emails. The icon in the lower tray shows I am connected to the internet, but no browser (IE, Firefox/Mozilla, Opera) can actually connect.


                  Does it make sense what I am trying to say? Unfortunately I cannot perform the steps described below. Writing this message to you I am using somebody else's laptop to do the search.....but I cannot find a solution.  


                  Thank you so much!

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                    Will PM you steps

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                      Thank you SO much!!!! I really appreciate it. Will do it right away, as rogue emails were sent out last night again...