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    Enumerating domains in forest with Epo 4.5


      Hi everyone,


      If I have posted in the wrong forum then apologies as i'm new here!!!


      Basically my issue involves finding my clients in a particular domain - I have a forest with 3 domains and when i try browsing to those domains I can see only 2 out of the 3. The message that comes back is either "failed to enumerate domain, authentication required" or "failed to connect to domain XXXXXXX (where XXXXXX is the domain name)


      I have ensured that I have registered these servers and have tested the LDAP connectivity and I am also using a domain users account. As a workaround I have also added the server names in the local hosts file(s) on the Epo server. When I ping them by ip they resolve fine and they also resolve fine when I ping by FQDN.


      So when I want to add new systems to the system tree I go to Systems Tree and add new systems, I then get prompted for the domain, user account and password, - this then will give me the domain listing but when i choose the trouble some one, it thinks about it for a second and then returns the error, I have tried a combination of using jsut domain name and username/password and also FQDN name, then domain name\user id and password- how come I can see the name in the drop down list but no clients??? I have attached two screen shots showing the error(s)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated - i'm tearing the last of my hair out as I type this :-)