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    How to set options for scheduled scanning?

      Sorry, where can i set options for scheduled scanning (i.e. which disks to scan, avoid zip files, scan only programs and documents etc.)?





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          Hi, Garrasco:


          "No can do."


          Scheduled scans are "all or none", at least in the 2009 versions.

          I think same is true for 2010.

          It is a royal pain, b/c it REALLY slows down a scan when working in large zip, pcv or other files.

          It would be great to be able skip these, and/or certain drives (scans take forever on a network with multiple drives).


          If you search the boards here, you'll see that MANY users have asked for this feature to be restored.

          The mods have likewise requested this, but it hasn't been done.


          You *can* customize manual scans, however.


          You might wish to add your name to the list of users asking for customizable scheduled scans!





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            I know that's impossible in 2009 but since 2010 is quite different i hoped that this feature was added.

            In the new user-unfriendly interface (worst UI i've ever seen in a commercial program...) it's impossible to find common settings so i'm still hoping that there is a hidden menu somewhere for some new improvements like the one we are talking about.


            Best regards.



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              Click on real time scanning arrow beside it and settings for each type there. Scheduled needs extra options re exclusions but not in this version but wish list put in front of developers ob 2011 version recently. In their hands sorry.