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    Winpe 3.0 WinTech Problem on Windows 7

      Ok, so I download the free Windows 7 AIK and built a Winpe 3.0 with EETech (I am not using the licensed Windows Vista AIK/winpe). I used a mixture of standard build and Simon's script. The winpe boots up on a Windows 7 EEPC encrypted machine. I get through authorization and token/file authentication. I try the Remove EE option and it gets stuck at started decryption and there is no progress...ever. I reboot and I get the fatal error [0xEE020006] getting disk info.


      Using the Remove EE option in EETech Standalone works just fine on Windows 7.


      Anybody have this problem? Is there something special I am missing when adding the EETech package to the Winpe?

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