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    Browser Redirected

      I spent 3 hours last night on the phone with a McAfee tech free of charge support. He could not resolve my browser redirect problem!


      We tried everything including unistalling McAfee software.


      I ran all the scan recommended on these boards and I have this virus: Win32/Alureon.H



      Can you help?

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          I don't have a solution.  I am experiencing the same thing...it is so annoying.  I also am getting the webpage with the flashing alert that my computer is infected.  The window advises me to click on the link and use their software to remove.  It also shows the number of viruses and trojan supposedly in the system.  Have had to use my comupter alot lately, since I am working from home and online a lot.  I am getting so many bugs.  Please help.

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            I just got the same problem. When XP asked permission to install an .exe file I closed the browser. When I reopened the browser, went back to history and re-opened the bad site it happened again. I had to use the task manager to close the browser. I copied the URL of the bad site. Here it is:


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            Hopefully the pros can fix this...



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