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    Trusted Programs Lists

      I have had this program for years and now McAfee is suddenly saying its a trojan and it deletes it


      so how do I add my program to the list so it won't be deleted


      luckily I uploaded to a file website a long time ago so I can just re-download it whenever it gets deleted but it gets annoying because I have to turn off scanning just to be able to download and use it


      I have McAfee 2010 Total Protection

      I had the beta at first



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          I've moved this to our VirusScan area for home users. Hopefully an expert can help you soon.

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            Hi Sean.39,


            This unfortunately happens with any antivirus at some point or other.   Basically you'll have to temporarily disable virus protection, reinstate the item from quarantine and submit it by email for analysis (or online).


            The process is usually pretty quick and is outlined here: http://community.mcafee.com/thread/2016



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              Hi Sean.39,

              When a file is scanned, VirusScan compares it to known threats. VirusScan also uses heuristic techniques to detect unusual behavior. When a file cannot be matched to a known threat, but exhibits unusual and possibly threatening behavior, VirusScan uses Artemis technology to evaluate the threat of the unknown file. If the file is deemed unsafe, VirusScan quarantines the file to protect your computer.

              If you feel that VirusScan has incorrectly quarantined a file you know to be safe, you can recover that file using the steps below

              1.       Click Send to McAfee to send the file to McAfee Labs for further investigation.

              2.       Send the file to directly to our automated systems at virus_research@avertlabs.com. If the automated system is unable to determine a threat exists then the issue will be escalated to McAfee analysts.



              Dinesh K
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                but why would I have to do that just to make it so my file doesn't get deleted?


                why don't they just have it so the user can make a file trusted or untrusted?


                then I could see sending the file to McAfee if it was untrusted to help people in the future

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                  We have been asking for that feature to be reintroduced for around 8 years now.  Hopefully they will listen eventually.


                  Once you send the file to them they usually can get it cleared within 24 hours.  Then it wont be rejected anymore.


                  That link explains it.