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    Trying to setup local repository without ePO and on "closed system"?



      I'm new to the forum, so please excuse what I'm sure is a question that's been previously addressed (probably countless times...)


      I have a closed windows-based system (no outside access to the web or company intranet) consisting of 4 servers and about 20 workstations, all running version 8.5.0i.  ePO is not an option on this system at this point, so I've been running around doing manual DAT updates on each machine from either a CD or a server file.  I'd like to set up a local repository on one of my servers that runs continuously so my workstations will update automatically every Friday evening.


      I've created a shared folder on my server, and have copied my corporate-provided repository files to the new local repository.  On my workstation, I've pointed to my UNC location (the shared folder) and set the schedule.  To test my link, I tried Update Now, and it fails everytime with:


      "Started update session.

      Checking update packages from repository XXX...

      Error occurred while downloading file sitestat.xml.

      Unable to find a valid repository.

      Closing the update session."


      My path is correct, as it reflects the proper folder name (denoted by XXX above), and the folder is fully shared.  Anyone have any ideas about what might be causing my problem(s)?


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as would any direct emailed responses.